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Alexander Abele

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Alexander Abele

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Alex Abele (b.1969) has been composing since the late 1980s. Abele’s music combines a diverse palette of influences including Renaissance and Baroque counterpoint, set theory 12-tone and other forms of serialism, minimalism and process music, jazz and folk music. In addition to composing, Abele plays jazz, folk and classical guitar, conducts, sings , plays piano and flute.

Abele was born in Concord Massachusetts . At an early age, he developed a taste for both classical and popular music, but it was in high school harmony class where he took his first step from enthusiastic listener toward serious music student. Abele went on to the University of Vermont where he received his BA in Music Theory, and then to Towson University for his M.Mus. in Composition. In between degrees, Abele worked for the Oregon Symphony and the Portland Symphonic Choir and began his post baccalaureate studies at Portland State University. Along the way, Abele has studied with Keith Daniel, Thomas L. Read, Tomas Svoboda, Salvador Brotons, Theophanos Dymiotes and William Kleinsasser.

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