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Chronicle of the NonPop Revolution

K&D Photo Tour of the

American Music Center

in New York City

Note: This tour was conducted in 1996. Much has changed.

A pile of scores in the Catacombs

 Damian with Frank Oteri
Frank Oteri and Damian enter The Catacombs, where thousands of scores are stored, organized, and made available to performers across the world.

 The Catacombs I
The Catacombs I: The boxes contain media -- CDs, cassettes, videotapes, LPs, 78s, and dozens of other formats -- for preview in the American Music Center's offices.

 The Catacombs II
The Catacombs II: New scores are sorted and added to the archive. Member composers are entitled to contribute one score or bound collection per year, and may include additional scores for a fee.

 The Catacombs III
The Catacombs III: Despite the appearance of score heaps, the music is carefully organized and being integrated into an information services database.

 Information Services
Information services area under development. Scores range in size from standard and pocket sizes through huge two-by-three-foot graphical presentations.

 Richard Kessler
American Music Center Executive Director Richard Kessler

 Frank Oteri and Lisa Kang
New Music Box Editor and Publisher Frank Oteri and with Grants Manager Lisa Kang

 Eugene Takahashi
Net Technology Consultant Eugene Takahashi

 Anne Marie
Office Manager Anne Marie

New Music Box Staffer Nathan