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Klarenz Barlow

Klarenz Barlow Klarenz Barlow
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Klarenz Barlow

Interview for RealAudio comments by the composer, [not yet available].
Music for RealAudio2 version of an excerpt from Orchidiae Ordinariae, 2:44
Music for TrueSpeech version of an excerpt from Orchidiae Ordinariae.
Music for MPEG-2 version of Orchidiae Ordinariae 2:44 / 638K.
Essay for an essay by Clarence Barlow, 50 Jahre Avantgarde: Der Weg von Klangprägung zur Klingenden Münze.

Klarenz Barlow [Biography not yet available]

Representative musical compositions:

Barlow and Kalvos

The composer and Kalvos at Barlow's flat in Amsterdam after their appearance on the AmsterDramm cybercast.

Musica Derivata Musica Derivata
...Until... ...Until...

Barlow Mixes in Cologne

Barlow Mixes in Cologne

To reach the composer:
Calle Reina Amalia 12
Apartamento 60
08001 Barcelona
Phone +34 6 2789 1202 (no fax, no voice mail)