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Allison Cameron

Allison Cameron Allison Cameron
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Allison Cameron
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Originally from Vancouver, B.C., Allison Cameron studied in Amsterdam before moving to Toronto in 1989.

Her compositions have been performed by, among others: ARRAYMUSIC, Sound Pressure, VENI Ensemble, Vancouver New Music, Les Coucous Bénévoles, Maarten Altena Ensemble, Barbara Pritchard, John Tilbury and the Bang On A Can All-Stars who commissioned her piece November which was premiered at Lincoln Center in 1994.

She has been invited as guest-artist at various international festivals including: Evenings of New Music and Melos-Ethos in Bratislava, Slovakia, New Music Marathon in Prague, Bang On A Can in New York City, Emerging Voices in San Diego, Sound Symposium, Newfoundland and New Music across America. She has music released on both the CRI and XI labels from NYC. In Toronto, she has established the Arcana Ensemble and co-founded the Drystone Orchestra - two new music ensembles devoted to the performance and creation of experimental music.

Representative musical compositions:


Raw Sangudo Raw Sangudo

To reach the composer:
By telephone: +1-416-530-5881
By fax: +1-416-530-5894
By physical mail: P.O. Box 492, Station C, Toronto, ON Canada M6J-3P6