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Barry Drogin

Barry Drogin Barry Drogin

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Barry Drogin

Interview to read Being Your Own Worst Enemy, an essay by the composer.

The files available at http://www.geocities.com/Music/ are:

I've also put the full score (15 pages, includes piano accompaniment) of "After" from "September 11 Songs" at http://www.notnicemusic.com/war26.html and the "NewOp Doo Wop" (2 pages) at http://www.notnicemusic.com/Contrarian/doowop.pdf (not within the /Music/ subdirectory).

"Alamo!" is most illustrative of my musical voice and notational system. The selection from "The Couch" is how I deal with duets without bar lines.

The Music-Theatre of Barry Drogin The Music-Theatre of Barry Drogin

The scores to ID and ID Quiz.

To reach the composer:
On-line: barry@notnicemusic.com
By telephone/fax: +1-212-243-8784
By physical mail: 720 Greenwich Street #5T New York, NY 10014