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Dietmar Hippler

Dietmar Hippler

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Dietmar Hippler
Dietmar Hippler

list of compositions (excerpts since 1985)

Tiefer Traum for alto and piano (after the poem of Erich Fried)
Nichts liegt näher als die Stärkung des Gewissens! woodwindquartet (WDR-broadcasting-production 1986,Vivid Music Ensemble )M
Aspiration 2nd stringquartet 1987
Certi momenti stringtrio (viol, va, vc)
Explorations for big symphony orchestra (WDR-broadcasting-production of the premiere in Hagen 1991)
Eterna woodwindquintet
Wasserzyklus 1988 for trumpet and piano
Sviluppando con pazienza for chamber-/symphony orchestra
Continuum for symphony orchestra and percussion-solo
Il bacio nel quadrato for 11 players (fl, ob, bassoon, tp, tb, 2 perc, p, viol, vc, cb)
Paraphrase zu 'Brandmauern' (after the poem of Günter Grass) for piano (composition prize Leipzig 1991)
Spiccato violoncello solo
Gli esperti lo prevedono! for 10 brassplayers (4 tp,4 tb,horn,tuba)
Knusper for orchestra
Kick the habit! for 10 brassplayers
Onguna for 11 players (fl [picc.], ob, bcl, horn, 2 perc, p, viol, va, vc, cb) 1994
senz' impegno for viola and string orchestra In memoriam John Cage
1. for piano; 2. for piano,trumpet and percussion; 3. for any kind of instruments
Doppio concentrato for symphony orchestra and violin-solo ( dedicated to Marina Edelhagenn!)
Labyrinthe piano cycle
con calma! for guitar
Loops for vibraphone,xylophone and marimbaphone
ganz leicht! for stringtrio
La forza del movimento for symphony orchestra
heimlich von hinten for 10 players (fl [picc], ob, cl, bassoon, tb, perc, p, viol, vc, cb)
for mixed choir (onomatopoetic)
Was es ist for mezzo soprano and piano, after the poem of Erich Fried (premiered by Susanne Schimmack)
menos tu vientre for flute and piano
Inferno for soprano and (chamber-) orchestra (aft er Dante's La divina commedia)
Un dia es un dia! for 2 trumpets and organ - *premiered 1997 in the Passionskirche Berlin
Trifoglio for flute,viola and organ
Contraddizioni for trumpet, 2 pianists and percussion
Vocation for flute, violoncello and piano
The horns' stunt for horn quartet
Tashi delek for percussion and piano, dedicated to Evelyn Glennie ! (commissioned work)
Fragmentarisch for mixed choir (after the poem of Marie Luise Kaschnitz
de Klokkenluider for trumpet, piano and 2 percussionists
Nachtlied for mezzo soprano and piano (after the poem of Erich Fried) *premiered by S.Schimmack
Todo y nada for symphony orchestra
bass instincts for bass oboe and bass clarinet (commissioned by the duo "Bass instincts")
Hidden treasures for bass clarinet and percussion (commissioned by "Duo Contemporain" )
Uvas de la suerte for 10 players (fl,cl, tp,tb,perc.,pf,viol,va,vc,cb)
Organico for organ,trumpet and percussion
Calor for trumpet,piano and percussion

Geniess' das Rauschen Genieß' das Rauschen
Zeitsprunge Zeitsprünge
To reach Dietmar Hippler:
On line:
By telephone: +49 2041 23738
By Fax: +49 2041 265596
By physical mail: Schützenstr. 45c, D-46236 Bottrop, Germany