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Eric Lyon

Eric Lyon Eric Lyon

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Eric Lyon

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Eric Lyon

The real Eric Lyon

Eric Lyon says:

I am a composer of experimental electronic and computer music, with an emphasis in automation, digital signal processing and extreme sample manipulation. I also compose works for performers of acoustic instruments as opportunities arise and time permits. Many of these works are presented at the annual BONK festival in Tampa which I have helped organize since its inception in 1992. More recently, I have been playing Kyma system in the Psychedelic Bumpo band.

I am currently employed by IAMAS, a new multimedia academy in central Japan.

Before coming to IAMAS, I worked at Keio University, where I created a page dedicated to computer music primarily. In 1999 I will be joining the illustrious faculty of music at Dartmouth College to participate in their unique graduate program in Electroacoustic Music.

Eric Lyon

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Eric Lyon

In performance at Dartmouth College