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Thomas Massella

Thomas MassellaThomas Massella

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Thomas Massella

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Thomas Massella was born August 1, 1952. He received his musical training at the North Carolina School of the Arts, Hartt School of Music and the Cleveland Institute of Music. He has had numerous performances of both his instrumental and liturgical music throughout the United States and Canada. His music has been featured at the International Double-Reed Convention and several saxophone conventions. His successful collaboration with saxophonists has resulted in five commissions that have received continued performances over the past ten years.

Thomas Massella is a free-lance composer and music instructor in Pittsburgh. His music is available through:
Marcato Music, P.O. Box 13462, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15243 / 412-343-4020.
Great Works Publishing, 15788 Mennell Road, Grafton, Ohio 44044 / 1-800-277-4145
National Music Publishers, 16605 Townhouse, Tustin, California 92680 / 1-800-829-1850

Representative musical compositions:

*published by Great Works Publishing
**published by National Music Publishers

To reach the composer:
Telephone 412-561-7469.
By physical mail: 1154 Firwood Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15243 US