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Dennis Murphy

Dennis Murphy Dennis Murphy
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Dennis Murphy

Click here for RealAudio 3 Interview with the composer about Afternoon Song, Idiocy, and Koo-Koo, 1:52. (RA2 / 14.4 version)
Click here for RealAudio 2 Musical Example, Koo-Koo, 1:14.
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Dennis Murphy lives in Plainfield, Vermont. He was born 1934 in Plainfield, New Jersey.

Occupations (for money in the real world) have included, at various times: college music teacher, refrigerator-crater, livestock photographer, artist (watercolor and pastel), musical performance and composition.

Presently member of Fyre & Lightning Consort ("early" music and "traditional" music -- bassoon, viol, recorders, vocals, etc.,) and Nicht Geferlach Klezmer Band (string bass, tuba, and whatever). Sometimes play Irish music (oboe and flute) and brass. Build a Javanese Gamelan (Venerable Sir Voice of Thoom -- first one ever made outside of Indonesia; Hey, Hey!) and direct the Plainfield Village Gamelan (which plays it).

Music interests: Writing word stuff, instrument-making, artificial languages and writing systems, cats and goats (and various other critters), motorcycling (on a Honda C.T.90 yet).

Assorted musical compositions:

To reach the composer: telephone 802-454-7113
By physical mail: Box 47, Plainfield, Vermont 05667