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Randall Neal

Randall Neal
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Randall Neal [Biography not yet available]

July 6th - July 31st, 1998

Les Ateliers UPIC, the electro-acoustic studios of Iannis 
Xenakis, offers a month-long intensive course in electronic 
music and composition for American college students. The 
course takes place at UPIC studios in Alfortville (Paris), 
France. Group class sessions and private creative work in 
the studios are the heart of this program.

Classes will be taught by Gerard Pape (Columbia, U of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor), Julio Estrada (U of Mexico), Joel 
Chadabe (SUNY Albany), Randall Neal (Bennington), and others.  
Assistance in private studio work will be provided. All 
classes and studio sessions conducted in English. 
Les Ateliers UPIC maintains both UPIC and Pro-Tools 4 studios.  
The UPIC is the revolutionary graphic composition/synthesis 
system created by Iannis Xenakis. Newest studio acquisitions 
include Di Giugno's MARS workstation and MetaSynth.  Les 
Ateliers UPIC is supported in part by the French Ministry 
of Culture and Communication and by the Ministry of Foreign 

Field trips will be provided to observe other aspects of 
the French and European electronic music scene.  In past 
years these have included Pierre Schaeffer's Groupe de 
Récherches Musicales at Radio France; IRCAM at the Pompidou 
Centre; a Stockhausen electronic music performance in Amsterdam, 
and other studio groups or individuals working at the classic 
or cutting edge. 

Students will be housed in the heart of the Parisian Left Bank.  
All Paris attractions are within walking distance of the dorm 
located adjacent to the Luxembourg Palace.

Class enrollment is limited.

Consider a creative experience in Paris for 1998!

For further information contact:

Randall Neal
UPIC Summer Intensive
RR#1, Box 1506
Barre, VT 05641

Representative musical compositions:

To reach the composer:
By telephone: +1-802-479-5535
By fax:
By physical mail: Randall Neal, RR#1 Box 1506, Barre, Vermont 05641 USA