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Sarah Peebles

Sarah Peebles

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Sarah Peebles has composed for electroacoustics, small ensemble, dance, animation, inter-disciplinary collaborations and music-theatre. Exploring alternate performance settings, such as museums, bamboo groves, temples and parks, her work also encompasses "comprovisation" and performance art. Originally from Minnesota, she resided in Japan over extended periods where she studied Japanese court music, Shinto festival music-drama and trends in the Japanese avant-garde. She lives in Canada as an independent composer, radio programmer and new music organizer, focusing on electroacoustic music and computer-assisted performance.

Sarah & Smash
Sarah & Smash
Sarah & Smash

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Music RealAudio 3 stereo version of Nocturnal Premonitions 2:15 / 311K.
Music RealAudio 3 mono version of Nocturnal Premonitions 2:15 / 248K.
Music RealAudio 2 mono version of Nocturnal Premonitions 2:15 / 124K.

Nocturnal Premonitions appears on the following recordings:
MUSICWORKS issue 66 (Fall, 1996)
Canada's international journal of sound exploration
179 Richmond St., W., Toronto, Ontario M5V 1V3 Canada
Web page:

Discontact! II 1 + 2 : (3" electroacoustic works by members of the CEC):
Canadian Electroacoustic Community, 1908 Panet suite 302, Montreal, QC H2L 3A2, Canada
Web page:

Suspended in Amber Suspended in Amber
Insect Groove Insect Groove
108 - Walking Through Tokyo at the Turn of the Century 108 - Walking Through Tokyo at the Turn of the Century
Yesterday is Now Yesterday is Now

"Whose Forest?" (Hornblower Recordings) Fighting the Tory give-away of Ontario's public forestlands: a CD featuring Canada's finest contemporary and traditional musicians & composers, with international guests, including... NOMA with MICHEAL ONDAAJTE spoken word meets avant jazz NEXUS vibrant percussion OLIVER SCHROER and the Stewed Tomatoes contemporary fiddle & mrdangam extrapolations CINNAMON SPHERE with JIN HI KIM insect grooves mix with Korean avant garde GEORGE GAO; ZHENG TING WANG Chinese modern and traditional virtuosi HANDSLANG; LORI FREEDMAN improvised adventures WENDE BARTLEY; RICHARD WINDEYER; ROBERT CRUICKSHANK; SARAH PEEBLES sublime electroacoustics, new works THE KAVKASIA TRIO traditional vocal music of the Republic of Georgia Available at Music Gallery events, Sam the Record Man and other stores, and through The Wildlands League: 401 Richmond St., W, suite 380, Toronto, ON, M5V 3A8; Tel. 971-9453 $12 Canadian funds OR visa ($10 US funds; postage included) 100% of proceeds dontated to The Partnership for Public Lands (Partnership info hotline Tel. 1-888-371-LAND)

Terra Nova, "Music from Nature" (MIT Press; special edition with CD, includes Peebles' "Nocturnal Premonitions")

        S  A  R  A  H      P  E  E  B  L  E  S
          S  t  u  d i  o   E  x  c  e  l  o
        "time-based art with a creamy filling" *

              C i n n a m o n  S p h e r e
Sarah Peebles Sarah with K&D in Toronto, 1996