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Samuel Vriezen

Samuel VriezenSamuel Vriezen

Samuel Vriezen

Interview RealAudio comments by the composer, 3:54.
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Samuel Vriezen was born in Groningen in 1973, and is a Dutch composer of mostly chamber and piano works that have been performed in Europe and elsewhere; he is also active as a pianist.

Mr. Vriezen began private piano lessons at age eight in Haarlem. He initially studied mathematics, but then studied composition with Louis Andriessen, Clarence Albertson Barlow, Martijn Padding, and Diderik Wagenaar at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag from 1994-2000. He also attended courses in computational linguistics and formal models of musical perception with Remko Scha at the University of Amsterdam.

As a pianist, he specializes in contemporary music and was the first pianist other than the composer to play The Chord Catalogue by Tom Johnson in 2003. He and Dante Oei were invited to perform and teach at the Wiener Tage für Zeitgenössische Klaviermusik in 2005.

He is also active in other positions. With Emily Doolittle, Cynthie van Eijden, Dante Oei, Cléo Palacio-Quentin, and Martijn Voorvelt, he co-organized the new music series Concerten Tot en Met in Amsterdam from 1997-2004. In addition, he is a poet and has translated American poetry (John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, Laura Riding, and James Tate) into Dutch. He has organized experimental literary events for the organization Perdu in Amsterdam since 2004. Moreover, he developed the strategic card game Expansion.

Samuel Vriezen
Samuel Vriezen
Samuel Vriezen and Martijn Voorvelt at Amsterdam's Posthoornkerk
Samuel Vriezen
Samuel Vriezen visiting Kalvos

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