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How to Listen to the Bazaar
The Bazaar's shows are approximately two hours each. You can listen to any part of the show by dragging the player's 'pointer'. We try to follow an outline for each week's broadcast:
  • 0:00-0:10    Introductory essay and banter.
  • 0:10-0:30    Thematic material, new releases, more banter, appreciations, and rants.
  • 0:30-1:30    Composer interview. Extended theme if no interview.
  • 1:30-2:00    Thematic material, mixes, more rants -- and Best of the Bazaar (about every 5 shows).

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Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar

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136 Deceptively Simple, or Simply Deceptive?December 27Laurie Spiegel, 3
135 Afflictions of AntsDecember 20Laurie Spiegel, 2
134 Regalia of RodentsDecember 1375Laurie Spiegel, 1
133 No CompromisesDecember 6David Behrman, 2
132 W(h)ither the Orchestra?November 29 RA
**MP3 part 1 or
**MP3 part 1
Matthew Fields, 2
131 Earthly KabalaNovember 2274Matthew Fields, 1

130 Electroacoustic ParnassusNovember 15Peter Van Riper, 2
129 Mythological Stochastic ClassicsNovember 873Peter Van Riper, 1
128 Kitchen Sink ElectronicsNovember 172David Behrman, 1
127 Crumbs: Three Minutes is All Ya GetOctober 25Tom Hamilton, 2
126 Midi Rulez?October 1871Tom Hamilton, 1
125 Day of AtonalmentOctober 11Linda Catlin Smith, 2
124 Enigma VariationsOctober 470Linda Catlin Smith, 1
123 The Drool Chute: Musical EmotionSeptember 27Allison Cameron, 2
122 The Primordial PoolSeptember 2069Allison Cameron, 1
121 Ends in 'Berg' for $200September 13Chris Koenigsberg, 2

120 Difficult ListeningSeptember 668Chris Koenigsberg, 1
119 The Catbox CaféAugust 30Ann Southam, 2
118 An Infinite Number of ProgressionsAugust 2367Ann Southam, 1
117 Piano, Player or NotAugust 16Conlon Nancarrow Homage
116 Being InteractiveAugust 966Henning Berg
115 Hermits of Re-TuningAugust 265James Tenney
114 Falling StarsJuly 26Daniel Weymouth, 2
113 Still Life with ComposersJuly 19Guest Panel
112 The Orchestra AliveJuly 1264Daniel Weymouth, 1
111 Great American MusicJuly 5Recent Classics

110 PlanetsJune 2863Johan van Kreij
Richard Tolenaar
109 Fürbletter & Mosconi: Ivory Bumper Stick PongJune 21Elma Miller, 2
108 Estonia, Estonia!June 1462Elma Miller, 1
107 The Plundering of the Tomb...June 7John Oswald, 2
106 Plundering the Warehouse of ThresholdMay 3161John Oswald, 1
105 Pop Rox Pox IIMay 24Nick Didkovsky, 2
104 Pop Rox Pox IMay 1760Nick Didkovsky, 1
103 Vocal Chaonics IIMay 10Gary Barwin, 2
102 Vocal Chaonics IMay 359Gary Barwin, 1
101 Squarely Rooted SynergyApril 26Unusual Combos

100Kalvos & Damian at 100April 19Various Visitors
99 WickerheadsApril 12Eve Beglarian, 2
98 Flaming DictionApril 558Eve Beglarian, 1
97 Time Trip to Hale-Bopp ... and BackMarch 2957Udo Kasemets
96 Network InterruptionsMarch 22Recently Received
95 A Score and A Four: Year of GiantsMarch 15Favorites
94 Tracking Double SpoorMarch 8Dancelike Music
93 The Month of Purple and Orange PlunderMarch 1Recently Received
92 A Bove and BeyondFebruary 2256Craig Bove
91 Gimpel the FoolFebruary 15 (I)55Su Lian Tan Students
91 Gimpel the FoolFebruary 15 (II)55Su Lian Tan Students

90 Windows to the SkyFebruary 8Daron Aric Hagen, 2
89 Strung Out With Hagen (Da)February 154Daron Aric Hagen, 1
88 The New York RevueJanuary 25New York Composers
87 Generating Telephone ComplaintsJanuary 18Clarence Barlow, 3
86 Barlow and BoleroJanuary 11Clarence Barlow, 2
85 Im JanuarJanuary 453Clarence Barlow, 1

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